We all know by now that Google Ads is a powerful tool for reaching target audiences effectively. Additionally, the competition is fierce, so you need to understand where you stand in the market.
By using the auction insights report, you can compare your performance with other advertisers participating in the same auctions.

You can use this information to make strategic decisions about bidding and budgeting by seeing where you are succeeding and where you may be missing opportunities to improve your performance. There are auction insights reports available for Search, Shopping, and Performance Max campaigns. Find out where to find Auction Insights in the Google Ads interface here.

The Key Auction Insights In Google Ads Metrics

Impression Share (IS): This is the percentage of times your ads were displayed out of the total opportunities they could have appeared. A higher impression share shows stronger visibility in the market.

Overlap Rate: This rate highlights how often a competitor’s ad received an impression when yours did too. A high overlap rate might indicate direct competition for keywords.

Top of Page Rate: This rate signifies how often your ad made it to the top of the page in comparison to your competitors. Being at the top will increase your chances of visibility and clicks.

Abs. Top Of Page Rate: This metric measures the percentage of times your ad appears as the very first ad at the top of the results page, providing the most prominent visibility to potential customers. A higher Absolute Top of Page Rate signifies a strong presence in the most coveted ad position, which can lead to increased clicks, brand visibility, and potential conversions.

Outranking Share: This is a critical metric that provides advertisers with valuable insights into their competitive positioning. It represents the frequency with which your ad appears above a specific competitor’s ad in the search results

3 Ways To Make The Most of Your Auction Insights Data

Opportunities: Auction Insights allows you to identify areas where your competitors are falling behind. If you’re consistently outperforming them in terms of average position or top of page rate, you can capitalise on these advantages to capture more traffic.

Keyword Strategy: By analysing overlap rates, you can identify competitors who frequently appear alongside your ads. Your keyword strategy and ad targeting can be adjusted with this information.

Budget: If you’re losing out on impression share due to budget constraints, Auction Insights can reveal where your competitors are more dominant. This data helps you allocate your budget more effectively to increase visibility in those areas.

Auction Insights in Google Ads is an invaluable tool that provides advertisers with competitive and strategic information. As a result, advertisers can understand their position within the Google Ads landscape, offering a comprehensive view of how their campaigns fare against competitors in real-time auctions.

With Auction Insights, advertisers can refine their strategies and maximise their campaign performance by analysing key metrics mentioned above such as impression share, top of page rate, overlap rate, and more. Having an understanding of where they stand compared to competitors will allow advertisers to adjust bids, optimise keywords, and allocate budgets accordingly.

If you’re looking for any further advice on how you can best use Auction Insights in your Google ads account, get in touch with our expert team.