Following the open beta that began back in September 2019, Microsoft Ads has announced the global launch of responsive search ads (RSAs) for all advertisers. RSAs streamline the ad creation and testing process by selecting the best headline and description combinations, allowing for more text and highly relevant messages to be displayed to customers. To take advantage of this feature, all advertisers need to do is provide up to 15 distinct headlines, 4 unique descriptions, and the URL, and Microsoft Ads will handle the rest. Responsive Search Ads can now be created using the Microsoft Advertising interface, Microsoft Advertising Editor, or the Microsoft Advertising API.

Microsoft reports that, on average, advertisers experienced a 10% increase in volume, a 6% boost in conversion rates (CVR), and a 7% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) during the open beta, so it’s certainly worthwhile to test out this new Microsoft ad format.

Essential Tips and Best Practices for RSAs

RSAs offer several advantages, including the ability to consolidate existing ad copy content from an ad group with two or more ads, creating one or more responsive search ads for that group. To save time, Microsoft suggests importing your RSA campaigns directly using Google Import, which can be done via the website interface or Microsoft Advertising Editor.

Microsoft offers several best practices for maximising the effectiveness of RSAs:

  1. Add at least one responsive search ad to existing ad groups containing a minimum of 2-3 expanded text ads. For ad groups with a large number of ads, aim to keep it to 5 or fewer for optimal performance.
  2. Ensure that at least 2 of the headlines are closely related to your target keywords.
  3. Incorporate at least one brand headline and a headline using dynamic keyword insertion.
  4. Craft clear and relevant content, avoiding repetition, and include a compelling call to action.
  5. Refrain from pinning headlines.
  6. Develop a minimum of 8-10 short and long headlines for maximum compatibility across various devices.
  7. Pair RSAs with automated bidding strategies to enhance optimisation.

If you require assistance setting up RSAs in your account or would like to discuss how Algebra can help with your paid media activity, don’t hesitate to Get in Touch.