Remarketing used to be magic.

People used to be amazed/terrified when products they’d looked at only days before, then appeared as they were doing other things across the internet. These ads were useful and served as reminders for services or products that had been forgotten. Over time, people’s awareness of cookies and tracking has only increased. Amid heightened privacy concerns, users now have a basic understanding of how they work.

Google’s recent announcement that users will now be able to see the ads that are currently remarketing to them, then hit “mute this ad” for  ads that aren’t appropriate or annoying, can only be a good thing.  Consumers should have a choice. For example, a shopper could buy ice skates in December, but then continue to have to put up with months on end of Dynamic Remarketing touting related products that they’re not interested in.

What’s Changed for Mute this Ad?

Now, thanks to the latest update, those days are over.  Users can now mute specific ads that they don’t want to see any more. To do this, they need to head to Google’s Ads Settings website and scroll down to the newly added ‘Your reminder ads’ section.

From here users can simply click the “x” icon next to any products that they’re tired of seeing. Google will then mute these ads for 90 days. If users are in an audience list with a duration of more than 90 days, they will begin to see ads once this has elapsed and will need to hit mute again.

Google has also rolled out some improvements to its ‘in placement’ Mute This Ad feature that’s been around for a while. This feature lets you hide specific ads straight from the placement where they appear. Now, when you’re signed in to your Google account and mute an ad on one device, it will stop showing up on all of your other devices too.

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