PPC keyword research is a big deal. These days it’s more sophisticated than ever before. It’s possible to spend hours researching and tracking down winning keywords for your ppc activity. Luckily there are now plenty of tools to help you research with ease. See our list below for 5 amazing free tools for PPC keyword research. Bookmark and prosper.

1. Ubersuggest – Google Suggest for PPC Keyword Research.

Ubersuggest is a great resource for, in effect, crowdsourcing your keyword research. Google’s suggestions tool, Google Suggest is powered by search volume. Entering some of your core keywords into this tool can give you a huge of what Google Suggest would show if you typed any other character or number. You also get the added bonus of approximate search volume, competition and cost per click.

Ubersuggest now incorporates data from the Google Keyword Planner, meaning you can see both sets of data and toggle them within the same window. This is great news if you didn’t have an AdWords account and were struggling with access.

This can also be a great tool for finding negative keyword ideas. Allowing you to stymie irrelevant ppc traffic before it has a chance to eat any of your budget.

2. Keyword.guru – Instant & Live Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Guru is great for those looking for the most common keywords across platforms, it features Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Ebay and Google Play. As you type each platforms column is updated with a list of their respective top keywords. There are no metrics or data sets to speak of, however its speed is great for quick checks on the fly.

3. Google Correlate  – Like Google Trends, but for PPC Keyword Research

We all know and love Google Correlate’s more famous sibling, Google trends. Perfect for checking seasonal trends or historic growth. Take a look at the graph for fidget spinners below.

However, Google correlate is far more useful for keyword research. It allows you to enter a search query then see it correlated with other trends both online and in the real world. This can be useful to find any related trends, topics or keywords. Admittedly, correlation doesn’t equal causation (see below, it turns out ‘iced coffee’ and ‘gas golf cart’ have a correlation coefficient of r=0.9653

Google correlate ppc
Correlation ≠ Causation


4. Answer the Public

This tool is amazing. Similar to Ubersuggest, it’s top section is focused more on popular questions that people are asking. It’s primarily used as a tool for content creators, but definitely has it’s uses for keyword research.

Add to this the site itself, it’s really nice to look at. The visualisations are amazing and can provide great insights. It’s so addictive, you may even forget the keywords you were supposed to be researching in the first place.

5. KeywordTool.io

KeywordTool.io initially looks very similar to Ubersuggest, however it can produce up to 750 Google Suggest results per search. This provides some great long tail keyword suggestions vital for ppc keyword research. To pull in any associated metrics, you will need a ‘pro’ account. For now, the free version should give you more than enough data.

Hopefully you’ve found the above resources useful. Next time you’re doing some ppc keyword research why not give one of them a try. If you’d like to discuss more or suggest another great free ppc keyword research tool, please get in touch.