Google Ads allows you to add various extensions or assets to your ads, such as sitelinks, structured snippets, callout assets, and promotion assets. These assets, formally known as extensions, can significantly enhance your ad’s performance. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Promotion Assets and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use them effectively to drive conversions and boost ROI.

What are Promotion Assets?

Promotion assets represent an extension within Google Ads, that adds additional text within a search advertisement to present information about sales or promotion. This accompanying text is displayed adjacent to the “tag” icon.

Promotion Asset Example

How to Add Promotion Assets in Google Ads?

  • Log in to your Google Ads account.
  • In the left navigation, go to Ads & Assets > Assets
  • Select the + button, and from here choose ‘Promotion’
  • You can run the promotion from account, campaign or ad group level
  • If you have previously run the promotion, select use existing or create a new one
  • Specify an occasion such as Black Friday (if applicable).
  • Promotion Type: Select the type of promotion you’re running, such as a discount or a specific offer.
  • Promotion Details: Provide information about the promotion, including the discount amount, promo code (if applicable), and promotion dates.
  • Final URL: This is the landing page where users will be directed after clicking on your ad.
  • URL Options: Utilise Tracking Templates, Final URL Suffix, and Custom Parameters for precise promotion extension tracking in Google Ads.
  • Opt for mobile device preference; promotion asset may still appear on other devices but this setting will prioritise mobile visibility.

How to Create Effective Promotion Assets

  • Ensure the Landing Page is consistent with the Promotion Asset

Ensure that the content within your promotion asset corresponds with the content on the linked landing page.

  • Simultaneous Utilisation of Other Sitelinks

Employing a promotion asset doesn’t preclude the use of sitelinks to highlight your sale – in fact, you should embrace both strategies!

  • Infuse Urgency Through Countdown Timer

Google Ads presents the opportunity to include a countdown timer within your ad, an effective means to infuse urgency into your promotion.

These timers are applicable to text, responsive search, and dynamic search ads.

Key Benefits of Promotion Assets

  • They help increase click-through rates (CTR)

They can enhance your ad’s visibility and relevancy, and these extensions can make a substantial impact on your advertising efforts.

  • They Provide Additional Space on the Google Search Results Page

Incorporating a promotion asset into your ad grants you a slight increase in available space located at the bottom of your ad. Though small in size, these increments hold significance within the realm of Google search, where every minor advantage contributes.

  • They Set Your Offer Apart From Competitors

By incorporating a promotion asset into your ad, you effectively create a visual distinction between your advertisement and those of your competitors.


Promotion Assets are a powerful tool to elevate your campaigns and achieve success in the competitive advertising landscape. Start implementing Promotion Assets today for impactful results.

If you’re looking for any further advice on how you can best use Promotion Assets in your Google ads account, get in touch with our expert team.